Monday, May 16, 2016

College Adventure.

        The three sites that we saw at Stanford University were the  Stanford Athletic Shop, Taube Family Tennis Stadium, and finally Stanford Stadium.
       We chose these three spots because they seemed really nice and interesting to visit. The Athletic Shop had really nice hats, shirts, joggers, sweatpants, sweaters etc. A little bit pricey but amazing clothes.  
We took this photo when we visited the Athletic Shop. There are some hats and shirts.
             The Tennis Courts were pretty big. While we were in the we saw people playing tennis. It was nice to see how it looked like and how people would play in the courts. We actually went there by mistake sort of because went up some stairs then we found that place but good thing we did find it.     

         Then finally we went to the Stanford Stadium it looked big from the outside. Although we couldn't go inside it looked really big. On the from it has a big sign that says Stanford Stadium. We went there because it looked huge and we thought it was probably something important.
This is the Stanford Stadium. 

         The Athletic Shop is important to Stanford University because many student go there and buy athletic outfits or hats and clothes. Also that's a good way for the University to make money. If they didn't have that then probably many students would be without outfits and stuff. Also Stanford wouldn't make as much money probably.  

         The Tennis Courts are important to Stanford University because many students and people go there to play tennis and have fun or just practice if tennis is a sport they play. So if they didn't have those courts then they wouldn't be able to practice.  
          They need the Stanford Stadium in Stanford University because they play games there like football and stuff and without that then they wouldn't be able to play football.

        My favorite part of Stanford University was how there's a lot of people there and how you could easily communicate with anyone. I also loved the food!! It was really good. I mostly just loved the whole school. 

       Something that surprised me about Stanford college was there was a lot of buildings and it was like a town. There were lots of cars, bikes, buildings, and way more. That's what I really liked about Stanford although it might be too hard and tiring to get to your classes. 

      What I look for in a campus is that I could easily walk from one class to another with no problem or struggle. Also I would love for the campus to have really good food and a variety of food locations to choose from. I would also like for the school to have crazy parties because that would be super fun. But most of all I would like for the education in the campus to be excellent.

     What I learned about this trip to those colleges is that most colleges are super huge! Also there is lot of students in there! Also in Stanford they used mostly bikes instead of vehicles. This was a really fun trip!!

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