Friday, October 2, 2015

What kind of society would we have if everyone became super-intelligent?

The kind of society we would have is everyone became super-intelligent wouldn't be such a great one (my opinion). My first reason is because if everyone became super-intelligent people would be going around trying to prove to other people they are better then them and way smarter. If everyone was super smart that would take the fun out of trying hard on test or studying for test because you would already know everything. I'm not saying taking test and studying is fun although, sometimes it is but I'm saying that some people feel proud of themselves for either studying or getting a good grade on a test. So if everyone was super-intelligent and you got a good grade on a test you wouldn't really feel anything, you would just say, "Oh great I got another 100%" and not care or feel proud of it. So I think the world is good how it is now.  


  1. So what you are trying to say is that you like life being a challenge?

  2. Well technically life will always be a challenge even if we were all super-intelligent. But with challenges we probably would make mistakes and then we would learn from our actions