Thursday, September 24, 2015

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Yes, I think ignorance is bliss or could be bliss in anyway. It could mean like not knowing much but you don't have to know much to be happy. Like in my opinion I think people are happy when you are who you are. I could be the most ignorant person ever but at least I'll be happy and enjoying life instead of worrying about things. I'd rather be happy and be myself instead of try to know everything and be Miss Goodie two-shoes. You could still try to be smart and try your hardest to learn things.For me that would make me happy, trying to learn and working hard. Being ignorant gives less things to worry about, you don't have more weight on your shoulders to carry around. So that's my opinion!


  1. I liked how you said that you don't need to be smart in order to be happy!!

  2. I agree with you because I also believe that you don't need knowledge to be happy.