Monday, May 4, 2015

The Interview!!

        The person I interviewed is Peter Saxby. Mr. Saxby is my science teacher at Laguna Middle School.

It was a windy morning when I entered his science classroom. There are two rows of tables in that classroom and each table fits three people. I chose Mr. Saxby as the person I was going to interview because I wanted to know more about my science teacher.

       Mr. Saxby is a little serious but not too serious he likes to take a laugh once in a while. He is also an excellent teacher. He has whitish/gray hair and a small whitish/gray beard. It is white like the snow but has some black/gray to it. His voice is sort of deep but not very deep but it has a sweet side to it.

       The first question I asked Mr. Saxby was: “What was your childhood like?” his answer was: “I’m from Concord, California up North, born in Berkeley. I grew up with a brother and a sister. I went to elementary schools just like you. I would help my dad build stuff, I had a mower and I put it all back together with my dad. Also I started using the guitar in 2nd grade.” Question number two is: “What was your favorite thing to do when you were a child?” His response was: “School, I like school. You guys might not like it now but things were different, they were different.” Number three was: “What life lesson did you learn while growing up?” Response: “Ohh I remember when I remember when I was about your age, 13 I and a group of friends would swim everyday for 24 hours a day but we took turns like one would swim 30 minutes and another person 30 minutes so on and so on. Then we showed up on the local newspaper and I would see 15 year old see us and it was a great experience.” The fourth question was: “What thing would you most regret about your life experience?” Response: “Nope I don’t regret anything I’m happy with life and happy with what I did but nope no regrets.” The very last question was: “Would you ever like to go back to those times?” Response: “No I would not. I remember being unsure of myself and nope I wouldn’t like to. How about you stick to 13 and I’ll stick to 62”

       In conclusion Mr. Saxby had a very interesting but usual life like the rest. The thing that surprised me was that he would not like to go back to those times of youngness. Most people would like to but not Mr. Saxby!! (: