Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Giver book/movie which is better??

      My opinion is that the movie is better than the book because it has more like types of details. I liked the fact that they but Fiona more in the movie. Like in the book they only put her in a for a little bit but in the movie they put her a lot in it. Also I liked how they made Jonas older so he could have a romance with Fiona and that would capture the people's attention to watch the movie if they had seen a trailer or something.

      Another reason I like the movie better is because I liked what they did with the apple and the injection. He would grab the apple and just put it on top of the injection thingy. For me that's really creative how he found out how to do that with just a fruit (apple). And an injection seems way better than taking a pill each time you walk out the door.

      My last reason why I liked the movie better is because they sort of make Jonas and Asher have some revelry between each other. Like when Jonas hit Asher to escape from the Community. But then when Asher finds Jonas out of the Community he sets him free because Asher really does believe Jonas he was just trying to make the Chief Elder believe that he didn't like Jonas anymore. Although one thing I really didn't like about the movie was that they sort of made The Chief Elder a villain. But it does make sense that they made her a villain.

  In conclusion as you can see the book was better for me because of those three reasons. (My opinion) 


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