Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Blue of My Life

    Blue for me represents life. Three things are swimming, skateboarding, and lastly my dream of going to Italy. Of course that's only some of the things that are blue of my life. 

     Swimming is an amazing hobby that everybody should try out. For me swimming is being free. You could just swim all you want nobody telling you how to do it or judging you on how you are doing. You're just in the water freely. Going into the blue water calms me. Especially the ocean as, blue as the sky. If there were no swimming it would be horrible. Even though that would be impossible. 

    The second blue of my life that is blue is  skateboarding. My skateboard is blue; blue like the ocean waters not a dark blue but a pale light blue. I believe skateboarding is a skill that anyone could try out it might be hard at first but practicing make perfect. And I'm no pro but I enjoy skateboarding. Many people think skateboarding is just for guys but I don't think that's true. Girls can do many things boys do and skateboarding is one of them.

     Finally, the last part of my life that is blue is money in Italy. I want to save money to visit Italy and some of the money over there is blue. My dream is to visit Italy with that blue money and maybe go to college in Italy. 

     In conclusion, those are the blue things of my life and with more to come.       

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