Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Boxcar Children part #1 (KBAR)

The book I was  reading is Megan's Island.The beginning is sort of confusing and boring so I got another better book. The better book I'm reading is The Boxcar Children. There is a whole, huge series the rest or mostly mystery book which I sort of don't like because it the Boxcar Children is way more different from like the rest of the mystery books in the series. I've read this book before for KBAR but I feel like i didn't explain my opinions so well so I'm redoing it. So far in the book the are four children the first oldest is Henry, the second oldest is Jessie, the third oldest is Violet, and the last one is Benny. This book can be for like any person its a great book but if we were talking about grade level than it would be for 4th/5th grade. 4th grade because it isn't a hard book and the letters are visible. It might be a little easy for 5th graders especially 7th graders like me but it's a great book anyone can read.

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