Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Boxcar Children Part #3

One of the characters I would want to be is Jessie because, she is sort of like me she cares about her older brother and her little sister and her little brother and I care about my two older sisters and my little brother and little sister. We both would do anything for them. Also we're about the same age. When I remember I wanted to be Violet because she would also be like me and Jessie and Violet aren't that different they help each other with things like looking for somewhere to sleep and also they take care of Benny their younger brother. Henry is more like the person who does the tough stuff for his siblings and he carries Benny if he falls asleep. This book has so much adventure in it. For some odd reason this book reminds me of playing outside and having fun with those who you love and care about. I will always read this book forever because its such an amazing book that anyone can relate to. Try checking this book out its amazing.    

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