Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Boxcar Children Part #2

The character I would feel more like is Jessie because she cares about her bothers and sister well they all care about each other but she is like sort my age and has the same interests as me. Since they don't have a home or parents they take great care of each other and love each other very much. What I really like about this book which is very strange is the way they share their bread. It's like they each get four pieces but the way they say it in the book is like very I don't know lets say special. Henry is more like the hunter for food and money. He goes and buys what he can for his sisters and little sister. Benny is a little of a needy kid well like most five year old kids, always hungry and thirsty but he's not a brat like most five year olds. Violet is 10 and she helps Jessie a lot and as well as all her siblings she also loves them very much. This book is amazing. 

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