Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Titanic "Ship of Dreams"

The Titanic

     The Titanic was one of the most amazing ships in the world and the largest ship ever. However one of the most tragic events in history known to be. Although the most beautiful and largest ships ever made.

The Titanic was built in March 31,1909 - May 31,1911 and set sail in April 10,1912. The ship hit the iceberg at 11:40pm on Sunday April 14, 1912 and only two hours and forty minutes later the two parts of the ship sank in the Atlantic Ocean and the remains of the ship still there. There were six ice warnings but they were to busy to notice and the person who was in charge of managing the ship was especially busy tending the passengers. As the ship was sinking the musicians were playing for 2 hours and 5 minutes. The Titanic held about 2,224 people including the working crew. But a very strange thing is that they only enough lifeboats for 1,178 and 962 lifeboats used and 472 not used. The next day there was 300 dead bodies found below sea level and some bodies floating around and some drifted off around the sea. The majority cause of the deaths was because of the temperature which was 31 degrees. The Titanic was meant for it to go from Southampton to New York City but instead it hit an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic Ocean. That tragic day was horrifying. Many children, adults, seniors dead on that day. The ship sank with over 1,000 people in it. The people that jumped off the ship before it sank mostly died of hypothermia since the water was so cold. In total 1,503 died and 705 survived that day was one of the deadlist days in history. Now the Titanic is 12,600 feet below the Atlantic Ocean. The two parts of the ship are 1,970 feet apart from each other. In June 14th, 1986 it was rediscovered 74 years after it sunk. On April 14th, 2012 was the 100th anniversary of the sinking. No one will ever forget this tragic day.  

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Boxcar Children Part #3

One of the characters I would want to be is Jessie because, she is sort of like me she cares about her older brother and her little sister and her little brother and I care about my two older sisters and my little brother and little sister. We both would do anything for them. Also we're about the same age. When I remember I wanted to be Violet because she would also be like me and Jessie and Violet aren't that different they help each other with things like looking for somewhere to sleep and also they take care of Benny their younger brother. Henry is more like the person who does the tough stuff for his siblings and he carries Benny if he falls asleep. This book has so much adventure in it. For some odd reason this book reminds me of playing outside and having fun with those who you love and care about. I will always read this book forever because its such an amazing book that anyone can relate to. Try checking this book out its amazing.    

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Boxcar Children Part #2

The character I would feel more like is Jessie because she cares about her bothers and sister well they all care about each other but she is like sort my age and has the same interests as me. Since they don't have a home or parents they take great care of each other and love each other very much. What I really like about this book which is very strange is the way they share their bread. It's like they each get four pieces but the way they say it in the book is like very I don't know lets say special. Henry is more like the hunter for food and money. He goes and buys what he can for his sisters and little sister. Benny is a little of a needy kid well like most five year old kids, always hungry and thirsty but he's not a brat like most five year olds. Violet is 10 and she helps Jessie a lot and as well as all her siblings she also loves them very much. This book is amazing. 

The Boxcar Children part #1 (KBAR)

The book I was  reading is Megan's Island.The beginning is sort of confusing and boring so I got another better book. The better book I'm reading is The Boxcar Children. There is a whole, huge series the rest or mostly mystery book which I sort of don't like because it the Boxcar Children is way more different from like the rest of the mystery books in the series. I've read this book before for KBAR but I feel like i didn't explain my opinions so well so I'm redoing it. So far in the book the are four children the first oldest is Henry, the second oldest is Jessie, the third oldest is Violet, and the last one is Benny. This book can be for like any person its a great book but if we were talking about grade level than it would be for 4th/5th grade. 4th grade because it isn't a hard book and the letters are visible. It might be a little easy for 5th graders especially 7th graders like me but it's a great book anyone can read.